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Business shop supplied litre of nearly 10 % to clinch a deal to drop instead in

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The estate market of Guangzhou has all the time " Jin Jiuyin 10 " practice, but this year September, the business of Guangzhou spreads prices to did not enjoy this gold pay. Up to on September 29, guangzhou city builds business shop to be able to make work supply is seven hundred and fifty-two thousand nine hundred square metre, in all 6249 units, supply annulus is compared rose 9.67% , but clinch a deal annulus decreased however than August 26.67% .

Study a chief introduction according to Central Plains real estate, business shop supply is the largest September still be a flower area, the supply of four hundred and thirty-four thousand two hundred square metre occupies whole town nearly 60% ; Supply goes up the biggest jump over beautiful area when number, total supply is close 27 thousand square metre, than going up lunar area annulus is compared rose 126.14% .

Meanwhile, whole town clinchs a deal the quantity continues to drop, up to on September 29, shop of business of whole town skill clinchs a deal the quantity is seventeen thousand six hundred square metre about, annulus decreased than August 26.67% , central the city zone clinchs a deal quantity only 7497 square metre, annulus is slighter than August rise 1.15% . Clinch a deal the amount is the largest it is a Yu area and flower area, but two areas clinch a deal the volume all drops somewhat, time the business shop of Yu area clinchs a deal the quantity is 4732 square metre, drop more than 50% , flower clinch a deal the quantity is 5195 square metre, dropped 23.08% . Of Li bay area and area of the Milky way clinch a deal the quantity has one however the amplitude of times.

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