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Heng Long 40 billion make inland hire of office building of 18 big projects goes

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Constant grand square and harbor collect square hire to go up greatly 31% what Shanghai project already occupied income of group total hire

"Provide the city with vigor and the rapiddest growth inside most, development world-class commerce is integrated project. " last weekend, heng Long is landed (0101.HK) releases 2006 / in Hong Kong 2007 annals, claim " future will buckle outback city closely make a person the growth foreground of hearten, continue to fulfil its established strategy " , announce will invest about 40 billion HK dollar in all, be purchased inside and develop 18 projects that provide certain dimensions.

Annals data shows, up to on June 30, 2007, the turnover of financial year was constant grand real estate 2006 Hongkong dollar four billion three hundred and eighty-nine million four hundred thousand yuan, rise 20% , partner should occupy net profit to be Hongkong dollar six billion three hundred and seventy million six hundred thousand yuan, grow 44.7% . Property is rented occupy Hongkong dollar three billion and three million eight hundred thousand yuan, relatively increased last year 16% . The business excessive benefit that comes from property to rent is Hongkong dollar two billion four hundred and two million two hundred thousand yuan, relatively rose last year 17% . Its come from property of the investment that rent and sale project income to grow strong, especially violent wind of income of hire of property of the Shanghai below the banner rises, it is to drive the property that rent to behave remarkable motive power more.

In last few years, share price of constant grand real estate runs continuously win big city and landed classification index, pass development world-class commerce as special minority integrated project and one of landed companies that achieve a value successfully, constant grand real estate hands in place to appear on the market in Hong Kong couplet the position makes investor has smooth and steady confidence, add inlander very fast will can invest to appear on the market in Hong Kong directly company, rose to also add motivation to share price. In signing up for second year here, chen Qizong of chairman of constant grand real estate was to release more be as long as the full length report of more than 10000 words. The report is special point out, go in Hong Kong tens of year very a of be successful, not quite apply to more tremendous the outback market with diversity, because this must make new pattern, the share price that thinks this is constant grand real estate probably all ran a few years in the past the reason place that wins big city.


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