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Build a ministry: Office building of Party and goverment officials builds a stan

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The reporter learns from construction ministry, develop by the country and manage an unit to undertake " office building of Party and goverment officials builds a standard " edit the job is started in the round.

Construction ministry concerns chief introduction, editing this is allot with central general office and general office of the State Council " the announcement that waits for place of building hall house to build a problem about controlling office building of Party and goverment officials strictly further " and began this year in July clear

Check the problem of discovery is setting, 1999 approval releases " office of Party and goverment officials builds a standard with the room " on the foundation, be in to satisfy office building project project approving, examine and approve, design, construction, supervisory examination, check and accept the working requirement that waits for each link, get used to what current office uses the characteristic of the room and spread out.

The standard edits key content is the problem that builds existence in the light of office building of present Party and goverment officials, farther clear office building builds the basic principle that should abide by; 2 it is the different office that is aimed at identical administration level the circumstance of difference of function of real office business, refine level classification of the standard, give an area index respectively; The 3 compositive content that are part of the general character in using a room to business, set relevant index and standard, enlarge the limits of mensurable index; The 4 optional location that are strict office building plan, use ground dimensions from tight control; 5 it is to edit building standard, public equipment standard, decorate a standard, enhance maneuverability; 6 it is to increase energy-saving fall bad news and environmental protection decrease platoon and building intelligence to change the content requirement such as the system.

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