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Credit is new politics begin warm-up to fry a room to be faced with blow once mo

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Yesterday, shanghai negotiable securities signs up for exclusive exposure, a series of estate credit are new politics already made, begin to ask for opinion of department of commercial estate credit, final meeting is met by silver-colored inspect and form of announcement of people bank combination allots, may drive before National Day to come on stage.

"Rise buy room head to pay scale, this is by the market accepted provide most ' power ' one of policy of estate adjusting control. As building city day-to-day warm up, this one adjusting control ' press box make ' preparing to start. " an estate is senior personage such look upon this a series of policy.

   Interest rate of the 2nd flatlet or go up 10%

Message, cause market a great disturbance. Yesterday, a real estate board piece drop greatly 4.21% , drop with " 5 · 30 " close. According to Wind information count, 70 A estate clinch a deal yesterday even more 8.1 billion yuan, drop stock 58, occupy than 83% . Weight is landed criterion all fronts drops, among them market of A of 10 thousand divisions, banking, medium construction of sea of the grain real estate, real estate that enrol business, real estate that protect benefit, extensive drops respectively 5.30% , 5.19% , 4.20% , 5.16% , 5.41% with 6.43% .

Further information said last night, new politics except on tone head pays scale outside, the likelihood buys room room 2 times clearly to borrow space of interest rate rise to amount to 10% . Additional, new politics in still allude the financial support that increases pair of housing to ensure a system, include to ask to wait for a respect to support cheap to hire a room to build in the round from gold of interest rate, deadline, capital. This works, will meet by the Central Bank, silver-colored inspect wait for much branch to be fulfilled jointly jointly with ministry of the Ministry of finance, construction.

A comprehensive finance adjusting control that concerns with estate will be moved toward very quickly downstage. Analytic personage thinks, if afore-mentioned policy fall finally in National Day around,decide, the real estate that already was in faster city to be filled with rate level originally because this is entered,may adjust period.

To rising head pay the room such as scale to borrow policy itself, shanghai resides vise general manager of the sea area on estate academy easily to express at Dan Dan, new politics after coming on stage, of building city perfective demand and stretch investment demand (the building city that shows circumfluence of superfluous, stock market causes fluidity invests demand) because the meeting is initiative investment cost heighten decreases. Add the policy that increases supply to cooperate, attrition of supply and demand of prospective building city can narrow further, and the market is right rise head pay scale policy to come on stage to have early anticipate, had undertaken policy warm-up to the person that buy a room.
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