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Course of study of total bureau of industrial and commercial administration, Bank of China supervises the country total arrange of edition of total bureau of TV of film of broadcast of administrative committee, country, new scent gave out an announcement jointly a few days ago, the requirement is strengthened collect money illegally to be suspected of to mobile advertising is examined and manage strength, prohibit releasing contain or involve collect money illegally the advertisement of mobile content.

Reporter 19 days from industrial and commercial total bureau understands, the country prohibits clearly already releasing contain or involve the following the advertisement of 8 activities content:

The blame finance unit that ● approves about the branch without the country and individual pay accrual, bonus to perhaps give with pay or coverting allocate the financing activity such as objective regularly;

The v/arc rent land or a house for subletting after the carry out that business of type of ● estate, property right spreads, return hire sales compaign;

● in-house worker, primitive, investment fund did not pass card inspect with etc meeting approve, make public or covert the activity that issues negotiable securities publicly;

● without approval, manage the activity of negotiable securities business illegally;

● the activity that local government issues bond to the public directly;

● approves the lottery besides emission welfare lottery, sports lottery to issue an activity about the branch except the country;

● perhaps develops the activity that the member gains profit for name with buying commodity;

● is other the society that approves about the branch without the country raises funds activity.

According to industrial and commercial total bureau introduces about chief, collect money illegally at present activity, basically involve sale of creditor's rights, equity, commodity, production to manage wait for a domain, include to absorb the public illegally deposit, collect money bilk, illegal sale appears on the market to issue the form such as bond company stock, illegally. A few collect money illegally the activity uses advertisement to enlarge an influence, to collecting money illegally the activity removes action of add fuel to the fire.

This controller points out, the every commodity sale, advertisement that produces management activity will go out to be protected now henceforth this, assure the content such as calm danger; Estate sale, afforestation, grow breed, treatment contracts to do a job, the advertisement enrolling business such as project development, must not involve investment redound, accrual, collect money or covert collect money wait for content; In involve collect money in the advertisement of content, must not use national office or the name of national office working personnel, include what already left his post to be mixed on-the-jobly, of be still living and in good health and in the center of already died, the epigraph of leader of local party card, photograph.
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